Planetboard is based on the idea of playing board games outdoors with your mobile. Our planet is the game board and positioning technology (GPS) is used in locating the players. In our point of view playing outdoors is more interesting as you get to know your own neighbourhood and get some fresh air. Not to mention that you get good exercise almost accidentally. Planetboard wants you to get out and play!

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Go and try our treasure hunting game OutCatch! It is inspired by Indiana Jones’s adventures, geocaching and board games. Your mission is to find treasures and hide them for other players to prosper in the game. Beware of thieves! So get your shoes on, find a cache in your neighbourhood - or where ever you happen to be - and share your success for friends.
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Find out a brand new way to play a strategy game. OutBout is a GPS based board game with inspiration of traditional warfare not forgetting a playful take. Go move your troops and make sure that you are the king of the neighbourhood! The game is played by growing and moving troops while conquering area from other players. If you don’t have any players in your neighbourhood, no need to worry as you can reflect your location to a preferred area. Get ready for the dog’s barking and wolf’s howling, go near your troops and get a report from your adviser!

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